Oknha Noun Rithy
Founder/ Chairman

We take pride in being one of the pioneer SMEs consulting firms in Cambodia. The enormous potential for SMEs industrials development is hug. Your investments returns will be missed if you do not take advantage of opportunity to form SMEs in the Kingdom or able to adapt to the competitive investments and generate profits.

The potential contribution of SMEs to the sustainable growth of the Cambodian economy is large. The growth of SME businesses can contribute to increased value creation, production and profits. They can nurture new business ideas, enhance productivity, improve economic structure, and lead economic development on a more resilient and sustainable path.

Although a number of trade barriers could impede SMEs’ participation in a free trade market in the Kingdom, including the problems of navigating various legal, regulatory and technical requirements, but KFIG strongly guaranties in its capacities that it will assist foreign investors to do business successfully in a professional, honest and transparent manner.

Dr. Sarom Tem, Ph.D, PDM.
Founder/ CEO

At KFIG, we believe that an ethical and professional approach is the core value of our company group. Professionalism and ethical value are evident in every interaction with our team , investors and other stakeholders, we have a team of highly talented and professional individuals who are diligently working together and continue to ensure that every project is the envy of the county. whether is the construction of a SME Eco Park or a power general project we deliver best projects possible in Kingdom.

KFIG believe in building a long lasting business relationships with investors and industrialists. Our relationships are built on trust and integrity, providing the best services and delivering noting but excellence. I am proud of the dedicated and ambitious team of professionals at KFIG and would like to thank the business community for putting their trust with us and would ensure them, that we at KFIG, shall continue to outperform targets’ and deliver state of the art of Eco Park.

Last but not least, KFIG first started with specialized of SME Economic Zones Development and management company services and has now expanded full integrated investment project solutions covering divers industries gearing towards the ASEAN Community and the world.